Like the Devils, Vampires are residents of darkness that have existed since ancient times. They have similar rankings and weaknesses like that of High-Class Devils, however, Devils are residents of the Underworld while Vampires are beings that live in the darkness of the human world. They may seem similar, but their views and culture differ greatly.

The Vampires are a race of supernatural creatures even more proud and aloof than the Devils. In fact, the discrimination between Vampires and other species is so strong that it has reached the point that Dhampir, like Gasper and Valerie, who were born from Vampire Lords and human mothers are treated badly even by their own family members.

Several hundred years ago, there was an incident that split the world of Vampires, where the Vampires argued between choosing a female true ancestor and a male true ancestor in order to retain pure-blooded Vampires. This incident eventually gave birth to the Tepes Faction (ツェペシュ派 Tepeshu-ha), an all-male Vampire faction and the Carmilla Faction (カーミラ派 Kamīra-ha), an all-female Vampire faction. Currently both factions are at war with each other after the Tepes Faction got hold of a Longinus possessor.

Vampires do not get along well with other races and have a strict, pure-blooded aristocracy who are so arrogant that not even a single family has ever cared about their servants even a tenth of much as the Gremory family has cared for their servants. Also, any Vampire with a human in their parentage, whether humans-turned Vampire or are descended from one, are never allowed to become nobles and considered substandard members of the species, assuming that they're even considered Vampires in the first place.




Being creatures of the night, Vampires are weak against sunlight. Vampires also need to drink blood occasionally to stay alive. Vampires are beings that can’t enter buildings which they haven’t been invited to come in. They cannot walk across waters, hate garlic, and are weak against the symbols of the Church — the cross and holy water. They also can't heal themselves unless their sleep in their coffins.



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