Roxas 7

Love IntrestEdit


She had understanding with him As she was Nobodies of Kairi

Close FriendshipEdit





Shadow The Hedgehog

He has good relationship with Shadow The Hedgehog Because Shadow old friend Maria have crush on him Which he could not think about it When Shadow was hurt He could change into Dark Mode Shadow become protective of him Because of Maria and it was important


He and Ryu were good old friend They both have Dark Power and they are like brother They become rival to their old enemy Akuma


He and Jin are like brother Jin have been protective of him Because roxas become protective of his mother Jun


He and Leonardo were turtle best friend They both use sword and become leader

Terry Bogard

Terry and him were best of friend and best teamwork They both have amazing ability and power

Sliver The Hedgehog

A legal guardian they have understanding each other and help each other.They have known each other better As possible he was protective of Roxas and Doesn't want someone to killed him


Coornidator best friend because He understand Kira because he is coornidator He doesn't want him to look sad and upset about He accidently killed people cause he was cautious And care for people

Snake Eye

Snake Eye is Roxas servant and he take good care like big brother of course Roxas hate his brother Storm Shadow he doesn't want Roxas to get hurt


Just like Shadow he take good care of 009 as brother they have care for each other He help him


He and Lightning understand each other Lightning also act big sister to him and care for him because He has care for Sereh her sister



Sephiroth and him were old best of friend But he betray God and He obey Satan His rival is Angela and Geneisis And roxas will kill him to save God



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