Riko Mine Lupin the 4th (峰 理子 Mine Riko?) is a female student of Butei High school. She is a friend of Kinji's, whom she calls Ki-kun, and is enrolled with him in the Butei Inquesta department. She is ranked A (Second highest rank). Although known as the biggest idiot in Kinji's class, she seems to hold a lot of information including info on the students of Butei High school. She likes customizing her uniform into Lolita style and playing dating sim video games. (However, she looks too young to buy them so she asks Kinji to buy them for her.) Her weapons of choice are double Walther P99s for handguns and double daggers for melee. Like Aria, she has earned the title of "Quadra". Riko is apart of Team Baskerville(Aria and Kinji are suspicious that she will betray them), who chose the affiliation Deen, yet the most of IU choose Grenada, and she was formerly part of that group. It is unkown on which side she will act on. She often gives others nicknames (Reki = Rekyu, Kinji = Ki-kun, etc. ). She also loves to flirt with Kinji alot through sexual manner.


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