The first show where Pooh and the others meet them and look for a lost person Roxas who captured by Pshyco Ranger But could this Bowser adopted son Vantisa turn to be him Pooh and the other must find out


As Ansem the Wise is telling what happen to Roxas as he interview With his apprentice Xehonart,Dilan,Braig,Even,Isaka,Aeleus,Ienzo and Angela. As Feldt and Christina had some bad news that all summon spirit were captured and sacrifice but luckily they survive As Ienzo got a good news from Lacus Clyne and As the chosen is Pooh and his friends as Kira talk about the others went to school dance As bank guard driving in his car as he saw log block the path As Creeper come out as he walk At Mystery Machine was Fred,Daphene,Velma,Shaggy,Scooby Doo ,Pooh,Piglet,Tigger,Rabbit,Eeyoe,Tennese,Chumley,Simba,Timon, Pummba, Poky,Shy,Woody,Buzz,Mutant Toy,Ttark,Tip,Dash and Garfield were driving to School Dance as they could do something special As Shaggy were planning to eat at Buffet Tables as Timon, Pummba,Pooh,Chumely,and Garfield think of something like Honey,Oyster,Grubs,and Lasanga As Shaggy think of his favorite like corn on chocolate syrup As Scooby was wearing the fancy bow on his neck


Pooh Adventure

Sonic Storm Adventure



  • Riku saw phantom called Kaito Kuroba the one descendent of Summon Spirit of Origin