Misaki Takashi is main progonist of Junjou Romantica. He is college students. He is Issei,,Goh,Kira Yamato,Cagalli Yula Attla's cousin and adpoted little brother of Ritsu He is Akhiko current lover and Iris love intrest later fiancee like Ritsu


  • He'll meet and fell in love with her in Jude Adventure of
  • He and Iris got engaged at end of Issei Adventure of Muppet
  • In the end of final they got married and got 6 childs
  • He appear to be close friend to Kisa
  • He and Takano have brother relastionship
  • He has older brother name Takahiro
  • He'll meet Ritsu again at Junjou Romantica in Prince and Paupar 
  • He had no intrest to Akena

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