Erica is a member of the Paris Kagekidan's Hanagumi. She is a sixteen-year old nun in training, and a cabaret dancer for Chattes Noires at night. A devout Christian, who genuinely wants to help people in need, however, because of her clumsy nature, those whom receive her help often ends up with more trouble. She sometimes mistakes her dreams and imagination as reality, and acts on it, creating havoc. In the game, she frequently walks into a billboard, hitting her head. Once, during the game, when her true spiritual powers awaken, she takes on a serious, divine personality. She fell in love with her childhood friend Shinobu and became his girlfriend

She has a great interest in Japan and its culture, although her knowledge is often anachronistic, or wrong. She asks Ohgami about Japan many times in the game. Her favorite food is pudding. Her hobbies are: bible reading, prayer, helping people, and machine gun shooting. She carries two cross-shaped machine guns named "Raphael" and "Gabriel", concealed inside her skirt.

When she was young, her parents died in an accident, in which she survived by accidentally using her special powers. Afraid that people who've seen her powers will think ill of her, she decides to live and become a nun in a church ran by Father Leno. She genuinely tries to help others in need, yet her clumsiness almost always creates more trouble. For example; when asked by Father Leno to clean the sanctuary, she ends up destroying the Virgin Mary statue, when she was in charge of clearing the weed near the church, she ends up plucking out the flower bed, and when she was in charge of the cooking, she cooked up a dish that was uneatable. Because of such action, she was actually asked to leave the convent but due to her misunderstanding and impression of Leno's saying, she stayed there for six more months. She is Cheria the Summoner,Zuko,Suzaku,Iori,Hiroki cousin

== Trivia==Edit

°She is good friend to Kairi

°She hate to be jealous with Miyagi because she doesn't like act the other girl did

  • She and Miyagi have brother~sister relastionship
  • Her love intrest is Shinobu

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