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Cheria is the Fire Nation summoner,and princess

daughter of Fire Lord and sister of Prince Zuko,Azula,Roxas and Jeffery Irinia, adopted sister of Sora and Jaeden cousin of Iori,Lunamaria,Meyrin,Hiroki,Aria,Louise (ZNT),Dante,[[Vergil],Saizo(B10),Erica,Yuna,Judau(SB),Yuki(VK),Kaname(VK) and lot of her cousins.  she has boyfriend name Lars Alexandersson and adpoted son Vali she love God even though She was niece of Demon Warrior Her real name is Hannah Cherry Blossom


When Cheria was low class trainer with her attendants She find out her mother Ursa is MIA She is also childhood friend of Terry,Andy,Ryu,Hiroko,Llyod,Sunhora, Sephiroth,Issei,Takashi,Kazuya and Lelouch and also best friend with Kairi, her sister in law AquaTerra and Riku


Star seeker
Starseeker is her keyblades even though

it is not but it was given by Master Yed Sid Because she really don't need keyblade She could use it to summon a spirit and do same thing as Keyblade Wielder

Fairy Bow

Fairy Bow is her powerful items because she could use light arrow and Luna and Asaka will came in her arrow


Book of Prayer

She could use it to summon the spirit And use it to battle


Bahamut is her favorite spirit And she could use it to fly and Use power

Odin is her powerful weapon She could use it to slice

Shiva is her ice power to freeze the villain



Ho oh and Lugia












she is also best friend to Saya

She is mother figure to Zero 

She and Kratos  have father-daughter relationship

She already know She was Yagami blood in Ventus Adventure of Cyborg 009 Monster Wars She told Kyo that she is no longer his cousin As Kyo agree to let her find her real cousin

She join Team Rival in Jude Adventure of King of Fighter Kyo

She dislike Zero(VK) and Kaname(VK) rivalry for Yuki(VK)

Like Shinn she care for Stella and felt sad that she id dying but forgive Kira Yamato

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